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24th-Oct-2005 01:22 pm - Busy, busy, busy
experiment in cool
I had barely caught up with my flist when the weekend came and there was much work to be done and cake to be eaten and presents to be squealed at (with dignity, you understand, with DIGNITY) and being happy and busy, which is, really, the best kind of busy.

And somehow, you all must have had dictionaries explode in your computers because I hit back 160 before the posts started to look familiar. ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY. Seriously people -- it's like an unintentional birthday present that makes me feel loved even as my eyeballs starts to ache from so much reading.

*hugs all*

I am filled with happiness that only chocolate mousse cake can bring. It helps that cousin is doing better, even if he's still a hell of a long way from jumping out of the bed and dancing; plus, I got a beautiful new toy from my parents, pretty clothes from my sister, calls from far-flung friends and a few nearby ones to impart good wishes and... yeah. It was a good weekend.

Thanks to all who wished me a good day -- you guys are an awesome and wonderful lot. And oh, before I forget! I got tagged by 20thcenturyvole to be meme-y and I shall endevour to do my best.

Music -- the thing that"s made innumerable days betterCollapse )

I won't tag but I'd love to hear what my flist is loving right now -- I'm in that kind of mood ;o))

Now, I will organize my desk, type out a few more paragraphs on the new Thing that's highjacked my brain (it's SGA and it's plotty and best thing? Not in the least bit crack!filled. Makes a girl feel like a contributing member of society!) and read fanfic.

When it's good, life can be Very Good and I'm gladder than I can say that this weekend worked to remind me.
15th-Oct-2005 03:08 pm - I am the walrus, coocoo kachoo
experiment in cool
I am not working, writing nor pondering deep thoughts. The things which, you know, I *ought* to be doing.

The surprising thing is the *lack* of surprise, really -- NERDS REPRESENT!Collapse )

Ahh, memes -- how productive (but boring!) would my life be without you.

ETA: And, because apparently I am a LOVE MACHINE, here's another one.

If this is true, then why are there no hot boys showering me with love and candy? WHY?Collapse )

You know, I would not be reduced to this if my flist were being more entertaining. How DARE you all be out living your lives -- if I must suffer inside on a absolutely GORGEOUS day, you ALL must suffer too!


Love y'all! :o))
12th-Oct-2005 11:53 pm - *crying bitter tears*
experiment in cool
So, don't ever believe chopchica when she says, "Have some candy, little fangirl." She laces that candy with CRACK.

That is the only explanation because I've had no sweet, mind-altering alcohol today.

Read this and understand, that at some point? I had DIGNITY.

SGA and chopchica are evol beyond the telling of it -- just... EVOL.
27th-Sep-2005 04:59 pm(no subject)
experiment in cool
The most perfect epitath EVER!Collapse )

Alright, so that made the urge to kill my coworkers go down -- thanks ninasis! I owe my avoidance of prison time to you!

*goes back to work*
27th-Sep-2005 02:35 pm(no subject)
mad bird
Work needs to die a slow and painful death the likes of which only the Wraith can provide.


chopchica -- My lameness knows no bounds, for I am the queen of lame; all bow before the queen and her astounding lameness. Dude, I got your email and I will wait and I will do my damnest to NOT FALL ASLEEP while watching TV (because I am not five years old HOLY FRIGGING CHRIST, there is no NAP TIME anymore!) and leave you in a lurch like I did yesterday.

Nap time, jeez, what is work DOING to me?


ETA: Because I owe people pr0n that is not on this computer, I present something to make up for my earlier hissy-fit (I fully embrace my drama-queenish tendencies -- s'probably why Rodney comes easily to me, heh ;op )

This is something that has been stalled in the face of owed pr0n and work and LIFE but that will eventually get written... because I am a dork like that.

Receiving the cup felt incredibly anti-climatic.Collapse )


Yeah -- I *so* lose at teh interwebs, it isn't even funny.
29th-Aug-2005 04:47 pm(no subject)
experiment in cool
So, all that catching up I was supposed to be doing? Got sidetracked by my posting all my fic over at Wraithbait.


I lie like a rug, apparently, even when I don't mean to.

Mostly for myself, for future reference: fic is here. As soon as 'Impossibilium' gets beta'ed, that puppy will be going up as well.

Okay, *now* I'm going off to catch up with my flist.
29th-Aug-2005 03:11 pm - *dances jig*
experiment in cool
American Airlines? Nearly killed me with its cramped seats and then with its cleverly disguised entertainment system. Which is, you know, cool only for as long as it takes to go "Oooh, TV screens in the headrests, neat." to, "OMG THE BRIGHTNESS IS BURNING MY RETINAS!"

The headache that ensued lasted the crossing of a continent-worth of countries and a few islands.

But eeee, it's good to be back! *hugs f-list* Missed you all terribly, with your pretty stories and pictures and plentiful squee at the pretty. I've started to catch up on my f-list (doing it the long way, hitting each journal individually, looking for the good stuff (i.e. crack)) in an organized manner that is understood only by me. This system involves hitting the M's before the A's or Z's.

...don't look at me like that!

But really, if any kind soul has an interesting link that I might otherwise miss in my dogged determination to read all the journals (which I will get done, even if it doesn't involve me commenting in a lot of them because I suck like that), I'd really appreciate it.

Once more into the breach and all that! *dives*
26th-Jul-2005 01:44 am - On my way to bed,
experiment in cool

Via z_rayne (who is awesome for organizing this, yay!) I found something that looks like it will be awesome and nifty and will make me cry bitterbitter tears of frustration in the following weeks.

So, of course, I am there like white on rice ;op

sga_remix is running a remix challenge for SGA stories, be they gen, slash or het. Only limitation is that you need to have 3 stories (complete, not chapters of a WIP) available online for your partner to remix. There are instructions on what the remix entails and allows here, as well as the place where you can sign up.

Jooooooooin us, oh wonderful flist -- you know you waaaaant to! *does googly eyes of pleading and grins*


Now, I need to sleeeeeep before my comments to the flist become even *more* dorkilicious.

ETA: (Because LJ is like a really addictive *drug* that won't let me GO TO BED) I found liviapenn's latest post here. In it, she generously shares an SGA Pairing Generator (I got Beckett/Hammond in the FIRST click -- there is obviously something wrong with my computer that mere exorcisms won't cure), a Porn Cliche Generator (Sheppard/Caldwell and secret kinks, which sent me to bad Daddy Skinner place that made me shudder AND NOT IN THE GOOD WAY) and a Taxonomy of Love Generator (I got Grodin/Allina from 'The Brotherhood' and I immediately went to an angsty, they both want Rodney and can't have him for various reasons mostly Sheppard, heh sexy place -- that isn't so bad ;o))) )

I fully expect more crack!fic in the future if I spend too much time at these sites. *cries a little*


Now I really go to sleep. Really.

*trudges off*
20th-Jul-2005 07:57 pm - No more shame!
experiment in cool
I have begun the dreaded edit that aithine has kindly agreed to beat into submission.

Now, perhaps, I will be able to stop avoiding LJ in shame.


PS: Via mz_bstone, I have found the perfect .gif that demonstrates the feelings that writing, work and papers can sometimes inspire in me. I swear, it's eeried the way that it's looking INTO MY BRAIN.

18th-Jul-2005 04:56 pm - Don't expect cleverness today
experiment in cool
So, I've gotten absolutely *bupkis* done today.

The revisions? Remain undone, quietly mocking me with more clever turns of phrase that I didn't think of at the time.

Work? Continues to pile around me like a very scary snowdrift that is one strong breath from piling on top of me.

Laundry? Has begun to make noises that worry me a civil war is in the works between the Lights and the Darks (one wants public healthcare, the other favours a two-tier system -- OH MADNESS).

In fact, the one thing I've done today is putz around with the computer and try not to count down until 8pm tonight (I estimate I will have to hit back at least 10 times to be caught up from Friday afternoon -- between SciFi Friday, I expect there was an awful lot of Potter chatter (which I also can't read since the book is currently winging it's way towards me, darn it) crowding my flist).

The one bright spot is that I got over my worry over shamefully tooting my own horn and posted over at sga_noticeboard a few links to recent things. Crack!fic has been surprisingly well received, given the inherent nuttiness of the premise.

Of course, given that SGA is also the fandom that perfected penguin!fic (which I would've totally incorporated into the crack!fic (penguins = referees!!one11) if *someone* hadn't been all 'No, no that would be *insane*.' "Insane? Really? But the whole 'hockey in Atlantis' thing doesn't faze in the least, huh? Okay..." *totally doesn't look in aithine's> direction, heh*), I suppose it says something about me that my nuttery is shared by other, fellow-minded fans.

And I say that with a whole lotta love, people ;o)

Ay, less than 3 hours! *twitches in anticipation*
13th-Jul-2005 08:12 pm - All gather 'round for crack!fic
experiment in cool
Title: Hockey Night in Atlantis
Author: canadian_snoopy
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 6007
Spoilers: Nothing.
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: It was the Stanley Cup for dorks.
Notes: Un-beta'ed as always, this was supposed to be my response to the abandon challenge over at sga_flashfic, only it quickly decended into crack!ficcery the likes which have rarely been seen in this journal. My only excuse is that, one, I spend too much time at dictionary.com and derive entirely too much amusement from picking definitions that are obscure and/or not the norm. And two, aithine and ophidiae are evil enablers that are deserving of any/all pitchforks and torches that this story inspires. This is for the both of you -- NOW ARE YOU SORRY?!

DefinitionsCollapse )


Hockey Night in AtlantisCollapse )


Lord, it's over! *falls over*

And how weird is it that I finished it the day the NHL and the Player's Association got their act together? IT'S A SIGN, OMG!

Heh. Hehehehe ;o)

Now, to work on the revisions that I promised aithine, which will give me something to do while I avoid LJ like the plague over the weekend. And this isn't 'cause I think you guys won't be good about observing spoiler space but because I am a weakweakweak individual and I will gorge myself on reactions and be utterly and totally spoiled for Monday. And I don't wanna be spoiled, damnit.

Will try to be strong ;o)

ETA: I forgot to include the joke that makes Teyla worry about the future of the Earth/Athosian allianceCollapse )

EATA: And, if anyone cares, here are the teams featured in the story. I carried a little piece of paper scribbled with these names for 2 weeks, writing when the muse struck and crying a little each time because holy crap, I am a huge dork.

And the teams are...Collapse )
13th-Jul-2005 02:35 pm - Weeeeeeeee!
experiment in cool
It's a sign that the powers of crack!fic are to be feared!

NHL and Union Reach Agreement.

This is simply awesome, wicked, eeeeeeeee!worthy news. Between crack!fic and my forlorn watching of classic ESPN, I had been missing hockey something horrible. And now it's back!

12th-Jul-2005 12:52 am(no subject)
experiment in cool
Via glassapples:

I know very little about some of the people on my friends list. Some people I know relatively well. I read your fic, or we have something else in common and we chat occasionally. Some of you I hardly know at all. Perhaps you lurk, for whatever reason. But you friended me and I thank you.

But here's a thought: why not take this opportunity to tell me a little something about yourself. Any old thing at all. Just so the next time I see your name I can say: "Ah, there's so and so...she has an entirely different use for toothpaste than i do."

I'd love it if every single person who friended me would do this. Yes, even you people who I know really well. Then post this in your own journal.

This is one of those memes that always leaves me thinking about how boring I am 'cause, honestly, aside from having a demented sense of humour? (And crack!fic will attest to that), I am just not that interesting.

But hey, that doesn't mean you guys aren't.

Go, little meme -- go and be free ;o)
11th-Jul-2005 04:18 pm(no subject)
experiment in cool
Countdown to new episodes of Atlantis is down to a week and 3-odd hours and it would be embarrasing how much I'm looking forward to it if my flist wasn't immersed in similar squee'ing and bouncing. I am among fellow-minded people here -- and it is goooood ;o)))

The only bad thing about this whole thing is that I have to wait until *Monday* and all the lucky Americans get it Friday. And I know, I *know*, that I am going to have to do *something* to distract myself from LJ over the weekend 'cause as much as spoilers don't bother me (I haven't gorged myself or anything but I know a *few* things), I don't wanna know what's gonna happen beforehand, you know? At least not scene-per-scene.

But it's going to *hard* and I'm going to have to either work on the 'Impossibilium' rewrite or finish crack!fic, which has stalled at the beginning of the final game for some reason (and yes, no matter how many words get written, it will not change my mind that this is utterly and completely cracktastic).


And OH! Before I forget, check out kageygirl's latest post, in which she has graciously posted links to a bunch of new stories by various authors. Like I told her, all this 'fic writing is making me think that someone put something in the water. It's beautiful and awesome and I would be rending my clothes in envy if I weren't having ohsomuch fun reading these stories.

And a quiz, because I am bored and I haven"t done one in a while.Collapse )
5th-Jul-2005 04:12 pm(no subject)
experiment in cool
Thanks to the combined craziness that is my f-list, "Hockey Night in Atlantis" is getting written. I am 3000 words and change into it and I feel like the biggest dork on the planet.


Thanks guys!

*mutters under her breath*


Why should I suffer alone?Collapse )


I am taking names and OMG, you are all in trouble the day the revolution comes.
4th-Jul-2005 03:24 pm(no subject)
experiment in cool
Boredom is a dangerous thing -- for example, it makes me try to think of ways to put a hockey rink in Atlantis.

I'll give you a moment to let that sink in.

Right. Don't worry -- the idea is truly as moronic as you all likely think it is. BUT I CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD.

I blame Bettman.

Top 100 Grossing Movies of All TimeCollapse )

Ay. I think I need to spend less time watching movies.
24th-Jun-2005 04:42 pm(no subject)
experiment in cool
Take the MIT Weblog Survey

I am looking forward to seeing the results of this 'cause I am a dork like that.

Now, I am going to tell myself that looking at spoilers is bad, m'kay? 'Cause I *want* to be surprised, I *do*, but it's been a long series of months and seeing that, yes, wow, oh my goodness, they are *pretty*, isn't helping me at all.

(Obviously, spoiler-ish images so click at your own risk. The last one is from 'Siege II' 'cause I couldn't find a nice Rodney one and that particular one is one of my favourites.)

Hmm. Pretty.

*walks off in a daze*
experiment in cool
From mamoru22, here is an interview with DH. Spoiler free, he says some interesting things about how he views McKay that have made me all thinky.

Plus, he calls JF 'Flanigan' which, for some unexplicable reason, amuses me more than I can understand.

Enjoy, guys!
18th-Jun-2005 02:05 pm(no subject)
experiment in cool

Transmission, my latest effort for the latest sga_flashfic challenge.

ETA: It has head-stealing brain-wave helmets, murderous impulses, pretty laser shows and above all the undercurrents and special smiles.

(Thanks to _inbetween_ for being more clever than me. PS: told you I would steal -- I have no shame ;opppp)


I'm in a good mood, if for no more reason that the radio is playing "Monster Mash" and it's not too hot out and I have a new story out, something that I'm kind of happy with (even if Rodney is no doubt plotting mischief on my head).

You have to take pleasure in the little things.

*dances out, humming*

ETAA: Haikus! Strange and bizarre!Collapse )
11th-Jun-2005 03:10 pm - new fic
experiment in cool
Because I am weak and *hate* to leave things unfinished, I present new!fic.

I know -- I am as shocked as you are. *snerk*

Title: Bonding
Author: canadian_snoopy
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1840
Spoilers: General season 1, nothing overt
Disclaimer: Not mine
Summary: They come in all shapes.
Notes: Un-beta'ed, this was originally intended as a response for a sga_flashfic challenge but because it went to a weird place that I didn't expect and that didn't really fit the challenge any more, I decided it would become my first story destined for the immortal WIP file in SGA. Obviously, I was wrong 'cause this morning, I tweaked it to where I am content with allowing it out for public consumption. Also, there are footnotes at the end because, apparently, you can take the girl out of academia but not the academia out of the girl. Feedback is appreciated, as always.

From dictionary.com, among the wide definition of bonding, there is included:
4. A binding agreement; a covenant.
5. A duty, promise, or other obligation by which one is bound.

BondingCollapse )


Now, I will attempt to drink my body mass in coffee in order to stay awake and actually *work*.

So, if I start posting about the smell of colours or the taste of smells, please, use my example as a precautionary tale against staying up all night reading 'fic, mmkay?
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